Wu Mingzhong


Shark, Shark

300 x 180 cm
Mineral oil colour, painting on canvas

The painting shows a shark whose fin has been removed. This body part is now destined for the dining table. A downcast boy crouches over the shark’s body. The black coloured stains on the canvas convey a sense of violence and lend a bleak tone to the artwork. Wu Mingzhong continually explores and develops his expressive language, sometimes working with glass characters, to create thought-provoking artwork.

Wu Mingzhong Profile Image

The Chinese painter Wu Mingzhong was born in 1963 in Hebei Province. He graduated from the Hebei Normal University and has had several gallery and museum exhibitions in China and abroad. Previously, Wu Mingzhong has exhibited in Korea and the US. His art-works have been presented in collective and solo exhibitions in China and internationally.

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