Praise for the Global Art Exhibition


Oceanographic Museum of Monaco | 2014.6.8 - 2015.3.8

“Ranked as the world’s first economic power, China is also the highest consumer of shark fin. The works on display here emanate from a Chinese community, which further enhances their message. The joint action of NGO such as our partner WildAid and the Chinese government have reduced the consumption by 30% in recent years. The effort must continue in order to change the minds and habits. The Oceanographic Institute continues its engagement. We are particularly pleased to see this exhibition continue its work of awareness in Russia and China”.

Robert Calcagno, CEO of the Oceanographic Institute

The first station of the travelling exhibition “On Sharks & Humanity” was displayed at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and opened to the public on World Oceans Day, 8th June 2014 until March 2015 attracting close to half a million visitors.

This exhibition, driven by Parkview Arts Action in cooperation with the international non-profit organization WildAid, comprised 11 unique contemporary artworks created specifically for the Museum: each one, through a singular prism, explores our complex relationship with sharks, and, by extension, our relation with nature.

In different rooms and on the panoramic terrace, sculptures, painting, installations performance and poetry have been combined in a multidisciplinary exhibition to encourage viewers to understand the importance of protecting sharks and invite them to look beyond their preconceptions. “On Sharks and Humanity” called on an artistic interpretation to highlight the indispensable role of sharks in regulating the marine ecosystem and the negative impact of overfishing.

The exhibition was unveiled by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco who praised the initiative as a “great action to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our Oceans”.


Ekaterina Cultural Foundation | 2015.5.28 - 2015.6.28

“The project On Sharks and Humanity is the Foundation’s first exhibition focused on China’s contemporary art. It has been prepared in cooperation with Parkview Arts Action - an organization that not only actively supports contemporary art in China but also works for the protection of the world’s waters and sharks. “On Sharks and Humanity” has recently toured in Monaco with much success and the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation now has the pleasure of hosting the show on its exhibition space in Moscow. We hope that the project will not only introduce the Russian public to the interesting and vitally important trends in Chinese Contemporary Art but also draw the public’s attention to the problems of environmental conservation, using the power of art to show that nature needs attention and care from human beings”.

Vladimir and Ekaterina Semenikhin, founders of the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

“On Sharks & Humanity” was hosted by the Ekaterina Foundation from May to June 2015. More Chinese artists alongside local artists have been involved in the second stage of this travelling exhibition with the aim to spread the message of shark and marine conservation. Although China consumes the highest amount of shark fin soup, it is important to note that shark is also found in many other health and beauty products – unfortunately many countries still allow the importation of shark fin.

Selected guests were invited to celebrate and welcome “On Sharks & Humanity” to Moscow on the evening of May 28. Amongst the attendees was Olga Golodets, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who stated during her visit of the exhibition that she was, “Very grateful for the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation to host an exhibition with such a significant meaning. What Parkview Arts Action is doing together with the artists deserves our applause. Sharks are an international concern of man and nature and the Russian people should understand and learn about this issue.”


National Museum of China | 2015.8.20 - 2015.10.20

“The exhibition brings an environmental theme into China’s leading art institution. Using the power of art it motivates the Chinese public to acknowledge this important environmental issue and to take action. We are very proud to host the exhibition”.

Chen Lvsheng, Former Deputy Director of the National Museum of China

“On Sharks and Humanity” was unveiled on the 20th of August 2015 at the National Museum of China, Beijing. The travelling exhibition reached its third destination featuring nearly 50 artworks by 34 Chinese and international artists and philanthropists, reflecting the multidisciplinary and varied nature of the exhibition. The exhibition attracted more than 200,000 visitors and witnessed a significant change in attitudes of the visitors. Among those surveyed, 80% think that sharks are humanity’s allies and not enemy, 98% of visitors would no longer eat shark fin soup and would share the ideas and information from the exhibition with a friend.

The exhibition received tremendous acclaim and support from the public and the government. It was also honoured to receive Chinese and international dignitaries including members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chairman and Party Secretary of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference Mr. Jia Qinglin, and European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Mr. Karmenu Vella.

Former Deputy Director of the National Museum of China Chen Lvsheng said: “I would like to thank all participating artists, Parkview Arts Action and WildAid. Through variety of art forms, together with its clear artistic language, the exhibition encourages the audience to protect sharks and ban shark fining. This is the first exhibition of its kind, reflecting the social responsibility of artists, while demonstrating the relationship between art and society and emphasising the social responsibility of museums”.