Fan Xiaoyan


Double Protection

285×150×178 cm
Stainless steel and bronze

This sculpture is made out of a single piece of metal. A whirlpool of yellow eels wrap around the body of a shark. Other metal pieces show the protective arms of jellyfish covering the shark, which is completely obscured apart from its tail. The artwork was created in an attempt to encourage conservation. The human race is powerful – if they take action to protect the environment, it will increase the survival chances of endangered species.

Fan Xiaoyan Profile Image

Fan Xiaoyan was born in 1983 in Gaomi, Shandong Province. She graduated in 2008 from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, BFA. She currently lives and works in Beijing. She has exhibited in many countries including France, Monaco and Switzerland. She has been involved with On Sharks & Humanity since 2013.

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