On Sharks & Humanity - Artists in Action

The exhibition fully embodies the ideals, beliefs and actions of the artists in their commitment towards protecting sharks. Based on the theme and context, they have provided their subjective interpretations regardless of concept, language or form, and created works that display a great visual tension and visual philosophy.

These works have both made use of the richness of various media as well as presented the diversity of the theme. It reflects the artists' own imagination and creativity, and also showcases their critical thinking and social responsibility. Their works are not only an allegory and criticism of human greed and cruelty, but they also advocate for and establish harmony between man and nature.

The success of the event will help the public to better understand the hitherto "mysterious" relationship between sharks and humans in order to overcome mankind's unknown fear of these magnificent creatures, and bring the audience face-to-face with the real and often-ignored reality of the impact every individual can make, so that they can reflect on their actions and make their own choices to do their part for the environment.

2017.03.09 - 2017.09.09

Monday-Saturday: 12.00pm - 07.00pm

Participating Artists

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